BP1The purpose of this web site is simply to let churches and individuals get to know me better. We all like to think our opinions are important, and the web gives us the freedom to declare our thoughts to the world—or at least to the 3 or 4 of our friends who care enough to come to our sites.

I have a heart for the Church, and what it can become. We are the body of Christ, which is an incredible honor—and an incredible responsibility. That’s why I committed my life to full-time Christian service in 1997; to do my part to help the Church become what Jesus created His bride to be.

It has been an interesting journey (I call my testimony “Riding God’s Roller Coaster”), and God has shown me a lot and allowed me to experience a lot. My goal is simply to use the gifts, abilities, and passions He has given me in whatever way He sees fit to advance His kingdom.

So please, take a moment to look through these pages. If anything I’ve said or done strikes a chord (good or bad), please get in touch. If I bring to mind any thoughts, arguments, encouragement, or opportunities, I’d love to hear from you. Together, we are the hands and feet Jesus commissioned to be His light to the world!


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